Customer Care or how we take care of your customers

The Customer Care we offer to our customers is Phygital (digital + physical) and Omnichannel, to preside over all Touch Points ensuring a consistent and high level Customer Experience.

Customer Care


Services of H24 assistance

Online eCommerce support


Queue Management and Entry Efficiency

Customer Care or how we take care of your customers

The Customer Care we offer our customers is Phygital (digital + physical) and Omnichannel, to preside over all Touch Points ensuring a consistent and high level Customer Experience.

A Customer Care to value your relationships, provide pre- and post-sales support, offer technical information and facilitate purchasing

Customer Care, when the customer is at the center

To achieve optimal Customer Care, it is necessary to put in place:

  1. communication skills, 
  2. ability in the use and adoption of new technologies and human resources,
  3. analysis, comprehension and resolution skills

Since 2006 we have been doing this: managing customer contact while maintaining high quality standards and guaranteeing excellent results.

Winning Customer Service is Omnichannel

We have the expertise and the solutions to manage all the channels from which your customers' interactions come, through a unique front-end that allows us to offer a consistent customer experience across all touch points.

In fact, our front-end also allows us to see the customer's history, in order to have a global view of all communications with the same customer, regardless of the input channel through which they contacted us.

Details of Customer Care Services

Customer Care Omnichannel

Customer Care service in omnichannel mode, to offer customer support across all touchpoints used ensuring a seamless customer experience. In detail:

  • Email: we apply semantic analysis logics for automatic categorisation and sorting, prioritisation, sentiment analysis identification, identification of missing data useful for operator management (automatic responses to standard requests and collection of missing data for optimal management of advanced requests), use of OCR technologies for document digitisation and archiving, automatic recognition and validation of received documents, support for document service management.
  • Chat & Whatsapp: automatic management via chatbot of process flows and parts. Possibility of using bots and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technologies for automatic management of standard or non-caring interactions, automatic data collection for operator passage. 
  • Voice: Service with phygital workflow, managed by automated (AI driven) voicebot and operator. 
  • SMS: use of SMS within workflows with automated reminders and alerts, and OTP (one time password) management
  • Social media: analysis of public posts for automatic identification of critical issues to be passed on to the operator

Help Desk

Automatic management of first-level tickets, through automatic troubleshooting or through virtual agents (to understand what the problem is through a series of requests) with collection of the necessary information for management by the operator.

Services of H24 assistance

Support for H24 support services via virtual operators and voicebots, with automation of processes.

Online eCommerce support

Proactive chat, support tools such as co-browsing.

Phone Collection

Data collection, automatic outbound surveys, via IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Queue Management and Entry Efficiency

Phygital support, in multi-channel mode, for queue and appointment management, using innovative technologies to optimise time.

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Exceptional Customer Care is what consumers are looking for

Did you know that 62 per cent of companies do not respond to customer e-mails and for the remaining 38 per cent the average response time is 12 hours, with the slowest record being 8 days?

Furthermore, consumers are willing to spend more for a company that offers them exceptional customer service.

Distinguishing yourself from the competitors by improving customer service is an opportunity not to be missed, and to do so requires established expertise and integrated innovative solutions.

To offer omnichannel customer care that is fast, consistent and adds value to your business.

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