Call Center Outbound

With our Outbound Call Center we give importance to the conversations that count, to bring your company's name to the top.

With our Outbound Call Center service, there is a unique story behind every call.

Our service evolves, promotes and protects the brands we work for, while maintaining a high reputation.

For over 15 years, we have been experts in building relationships and promoting best practice in customer service, integrating seamlessly with our clients' internal processes.

We have innovated the way we do Outbound

Our team's skills range from problem solving to crisis management to brand promotion.

We are creative, problem solvers, storytellers, trusted advisors, digital experts, thinkers and doers.

Why outsource Outbound services?

Our Outbound Call Center services, such as teleselling, appointment taking and more, allow you to focus on your business while we take care of:

Maximising your company's return on investment (ROI)
Increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention
3. Help you grow your Customer Base and Brand Awareness
4. Contact your existing customers or prospects
5. Promote the launch of new products and services
6. Follow up with targeted marketing campaigns

Benefits of Call2Net's Outbound Call Center for your business growth

The success of any outbound campaign can be measured by results, and for this you need a company that understands your needs and objectives, delivering results through extensive industry knowledge, management experience and using experienced and professional operators. We will help you achieve these results.

Our operators will learn about your products and services and be trained to promote and deliver the agreed brief. They will know exactly what you want to achieve and, together with an open and ongoing dialogue, we will maximise both your return on investment and the potential of your business.

The basic model that distinguishes our service is in-depth data analysis and the use of innovative tools, which enable us to deploy effective and efficient solutions.

At Call2Net, we not only handle outbound telemarketing calls, but also provide unparalleled inbound Call Center management, giving your company's sales processes a voice and a human face in real time. 

Whether B2B or B2C: our service is an efficient way to acquire customers.Acting as a strong backbone for your sales team, our Outbound Call Center takes care of setting up appointments or, for example, address qualifications, while your sales team can focus on customer acquisition. 

In post-sales, it can also maintain dialogues with the customer by providing valuable information.

If, on the other hand, you need Customer Service to pamper your customers, visit the Customer Care page..

For more information on the Outbound Call Center service, please contact us

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