Call Center Inbound

Our Inbound Call Center service has been helping our clients to support, acquire and retain their customers every day for over 15 years.

An Inbound Call Center handling thousands of calls

Every month, our Inbound Call Center handles thousands of inbound calls from customers of the most important players in the Italian market.

Call2Net is an expert in Inbound business and can offer your company a complete outsourced customer care service, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Choose the Call2Net call centre: we treat your customers as if they were our own

Our mission is to provide top-quality, omnichannel inbound call services for your customers' needs. 

In this way, we are able to follow the customer journey across multiple channels to achieve better results.

Why do so many companies rely on us?

Find out what are the 6 main features
of our Inbound Call Centre service, the reasons why so many companies rely on us.

1. High organisational capacity

Our data analysis and management process, combined with the integration of digital solutions, allows us to achieve greater proactivity, reducing the time it takes to resolve requests

2. Flexibility of execution

Our service is characterised by the teams' rapid response to any new request

3. Competence

Inbound call handling has been our core business since 2006

4. Tailor Made Service

All our services are customised for each individual customer

5. Multi-sectoral experience

We work with a wide range of companies and sectors, such as insurance, financial, multi utilities, retail and GDS, health and pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.

6. Consultative approach

We support companies at different stages of their journey, and help more established organisations to focus on their core functions.

A Call Center different from the rest

Your customers are looking for support on a daily basis: answers to general or technical questions, troubleshooting, loyalty programmes and intervention requests.

Da oltre 15 anni rispondiamo alle domande dei consumatori, lavorando per i principali player del mercato italiano e mettendo in campo un team di supporto dedicato di oltre 900 postazioni.

Our organisational structure allows us to 'take care' of your business. 

Even withOutbound.

You will receive constant attention, thanks to our in-depth first-class management experience.

Our teams of highly qualified operators with multi-sectoral experience will be at your disposal to add value to your business.

The Inbound Call Center activity is carried out with the support of qualified operators, through multi-channel systems (e-mail, live chat, chatbot, etc.). In this way, we are able to realise the customer journey on multiple channels, with the aim of achieving better results.

For more information on the Inbound Call Center service, please contact us

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