Business development & management

Choose to convert your simple contacts into real customers with our business development and management service.

Post sales

Customer retention

Churn Management

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Churn Prevention

Business development & management

Choose to convert your simple contacts into real customers with our business development and management service.

We develop your business and create value for your company

Our mission is to support our customers to increase their competitiveness in the market by adopting more effective and better performing contact methods.

Through the 'Commercial Development and Management' service, we provide support and advice to foster the development of commercial channels and the proper management of acquired customers.

Boosting your company's commercial management

By integrating inbound and outbound services and through CX strategies, we accompany you in the process of converting your simple contacts into genuine customers.

Our team of qualified professionals devises the most suitable business strategies for each customer to achieve high levels of conversion.

Many different business development services

The specific objectives of commercial development and management actions can be diverse: from making appointments for the agents in the sales network, to gathering qualified and relevant information according to the commercial strategies coordinated with the client customer.

As part of our business development and management service, we offer our partners a wide range of activities to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers.

Business development and management: the activities carried out by Call2Net

Post Sales

After-sales service is the true face that every company offers its customers.

Call2Net's offer includes various processes to ensure your customers' maximum satisfaction with your company's products and services.

A service that plays an important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty, managed by qualified and certified operators.

Churn Management

Effective management of churn rates requires in-depth knowledge of individual customers: their interests, trends and purchasing power. Learning these aspects requires continuous analysis of your company's historical and transactional data. 

An early and differentiated analysis of the likelihood of customer churn gives your company concrete levers to improve retention rates.

Churn Prevention

To prevent the loss of customers, we implement Churn Prevention actions thanks to the extensive knowledge of purchasing behaviour gained over the years.

By means of targeted inbound and outbound telephone campaigns, we check the adherence between the customer profile and what is offered, in order to promptly recommend a new modulation of offers or new products and services that increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention is aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers and building their loyalty.

Through this activity, companies will retain their end and existing customers, thus increasing positive word-of-mouth and Brand Loyalty.

Customer retention campaigns bring an overall benefit to the company, also in terms of an overall increase in sales, and thus profits.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is a process in our business development and management plan that aims to increase the number of customers in your business.

The objective of this process is to create an acquisition strategy that can adapt to changes in the market and generate a constant influx of new customers.

Incorporating appropriate customer acquisition strategies into business strategies helps companies to grow and acquire the right customers, without wasting their budget.

At Call2Net we have Inbound Acquisition experience in all sectors, with a particular focus on the insurance channel (through distance selling of policies) and finance.

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