E-commerce Customer Service

With E-Commerce customer service, we are the voice of your online shop, in omnichannel mode.

E-commerce Customer Service

With E-Commerce customer service, we are the voice of your online shop, in omnichannel mode.

E-Commerce customer service to expand your business

To grow your business and ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we think beyond the simple purchasing phase.

We provide high quality and professional E-commerce customer service to complement your online shop.

We support your customers throughout the purchasing process, both in real time and after sales, thanks to an efficient contact centre service.

Innovative technologies for customer interaction at the service of our customers: monitoring social media

More than half of all service requests to an E-commerce store come from telephone contact: the customer expects the company to understand his needs, to support him in his purchase with advice and to support him in case of problems.

The remaining 35 per cent of support requests are made via e-mail, chat or social networks. That is why we have created a dedicated service for social media.

Each contact generates a ticket, so we monitor the answers we provide in the shortest possible time.

Social and artificial intelligence

Thanks to our partnership with the innovative start-up Stip, we help our customers optimise the dialogue with their target community within social channels.

Through the support of the offered technology, we categorise social interactions, quickly handling any critical issues that arise, thus pursuing the goal of improving our customers' brand awareness.

Social media monitoring is provided through a service that works 90% through an artificial intelligence platform and 10% through operators.

E-Commerce customer support, all specifications.

Inbound E-commerce customer support

Call2Net provides dedicated E-commerce and Web Customer Services to cover all areas of the online customer experience.

  • Engagement: information on products and/or services, ordering, payment, promotions, shops
  • Upselling and cross-selling activities during purchase
  • Help Desk on how to use the site, privacy policy and data privacy, account registration, updating data, online purchase support, via call and chat
  • Management of abandoned carts
  • Management of loyalty programmes
  • After-sales, i.e. shipping status, delivery delays, conformity check, product change, cancellation, refunds
  • Claim Management, i.e. return, withdrawal or complaint management. Trouble Ticket Escalation

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