Not only Customer Service in our services and solutions

The services and solutions we can offer your company are many and varied, but all of them aim to improve your business.

Not only Customer Service in our services and solutions

The services and solutions we can offer your company are many and varied, but all of them aim to improve your business.

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The features of our Customer Service

Customer service, user experience, customer satisfaction and customer support: all elements that companies today have to guarantee, with high quality.

As customers' buying habits have changed over the years and are no longer simply defined by their method of purchase, it is crucial to provide an end-to-end customer experience that allows customers to interact with your business in the easiest way possible.

The quality of your customer service is what will distinguish you from your competitors. It helps define your brand identity and determines the customer's lifetime value.

At Call2Net we understand this and that is why our digitally-supported operators immerse themselves in your business to become an extension of your existing team and ensure excellent customer service.

Omnichannel support

Whether you provide one or more channels for your customers to interact with your customer service team, you may sometimes have to downsize your customer service staff or even provide a new channel as user behaviour changes over time.

Over the years, customers' purchasing habits and service needs have changed, as the desire for flexibility and real-time intervention has increased. Today, customers expect their customer service requests to be dealt with exactly as in a physical shop: quickly, efficiently and simply.

The digital transformation of customer service

The spread of digital channels for customer service, from e-mail to chat, via social media and IVR, can provide companies with significant benefits.

If well managed, in fact:

  • increases customer satisfaction by 45 per cent
  • reduces contact Centre call volumes
  • generates savings of 25% to 30%.


However, the complexity of managing multiple digital channels, increased consumer demands and the huge volume of interactions can be a major challenge for most companies.

We have the right solutions to face the transformation of Customer Service

Embracing digital transformation in customer service is critical to the success of any business. But it is not that simple: it requires investment, leadership and a team of specialists when it comes to improving the customer experience, reducing costs and increasing satisfaction, now and in the long term.

At Call2Net, we understand these challenges and enable companies to offer multiple service solutions to their consumers through the latest technologies.

Why choose Call2Net as your partner

We have more than 15 years of experience in Customer Interaction behind us, but that has not stopped us.

On the contrary, in a constant path of growth, we have gone further in order to always offer our customers something extra that sets us apart in the market.

Thanks to our phygital approach, which combines a trained and specialised staff with the adoption of the best technologies, we have over the years become the customer service provider of choice for the major players in the Italian market.

Some reasons why they chose us:

  • flexibility
  • customer focus
  • speed of action
  • innovative approach

For more information on our Customer Care services, contact us

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